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Welcome to Iridescent Child!

A 3-month program designed for you to connect with and heal

your inner-child.

What's Included?

Live Weekly Calls

Each week, you will meet virtually with the group to receive live teachings, 

reflect on specific themes and to engage in guided  healing practices. 

Guest Coaching

Guest coaches will appear throughout the duration of the program to help you dive deep into the many layers of healing the



A community group chat will be created as an additional layer of support for you as you connect with and heal your inner-child.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Meeting your inner-child

  • Effects of little-t trauma during childhood

  • Exploring your childhood relationships & their impacts

  • Co-dependency

  • Uncovering core-wounds that developed during childhood 

  • Identifying where the childhood trauma lives in the body 

  • Releasing subconscious patterns and programming 

  • Rewiring the mind-body connection 

  • Practices to restablish feeling safe in your body

  • Re-parenting yourself 

This Program Is For You If...

  • You feel unheard, unseen, invalidated and misunderstood often

  • You tend to rely on the advice of others because you find it hard to trust yourself

  • You are in a relationship and find yourself getting triggered often

  • You hop from relationship to relationship but things never seem to work out

  • You give up on your personal endeavors often or find it hard to start

  • You find it hard to experience joy and pleasure 

  • You want to tend to and nurture yourself on a deeper level

  • You want to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others

  • You want to process challenging/traumatic events from childhood at the somatic level

  • You have been to talk-therapy but find that the wounding is still running your life

  • You want to feel safe and secure in your body

  • You want to have the courage to pursue your goals and dreams 

  • You want to experience more joy and pleasure in your life

  • You want to have healthier relationship patterns with yourself and others

Dates, Times & Pricing

Iridescent Child kicks off on Friday, July 2nd.

All live calls take place every Friday at 7pm EST. 


These live calls will be recorded in case you can't make it. However, it is highly encouraged for you to be present at each call as we will be going doing THE WORK during these calls!

The total investment for Iridescent Child is $3,333. There are payment plans available. 


1. WIll the calls be recorded?


2. How long is each call?

The calls are from 7pm EST - 9:15pm EST.

3. When do we meet?

Every Friday at 7PM EST via zoom. Calls will be about 2 hours long. This is where you will receive live teachings, reflect and engage in practices.

4. Are there payment plans available?

Yes & we can talk about that! Just ask!

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